Training for Professionals

There is a significant amount of training offered to professionals in the Welfare and Education sector that aren't always widely known. 

In acknowledgement of this SFYS Eastern Region has begun to collate training opportunities.

The training has been separated into theme/issue areas of the training, not the organisation delivering it, with most the same as are listed here on the NWD website under 'Resources'. Under each theme area is the training offered, the service/organisation that offers it and where possible, the details of the actual training ie dates of delivery. Where no details are able to be ascertained, the service/organisations website and contact details are provided for follow up. 

The list is not exhaustive and every effort will be made to update it regularly. If you know of training that isn't listed or know that details have changed, please let your local SFYS Coordinator in either Maroondah, Knox or Yarra Ranges know.

You will also be able to download the list as a spreadsheet in the future.

Family Violence


What is the training?

Building a gender equitable world – the role of early learning in addressing the determinants of violence against women


Maroondah City Council




Who can access:



November 10th  2015


7pm – 9pm




This workshop will explain the work that is happening to prevent men's violence against women; explore the role of gender stereotyping in addressing this issue, and start the conversation about how early learning educators can be involved in building a gender equitable world.