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Who are we?

Working Arrangements Pty Ltd has been providing staffing solutions for more than 18 years, offering recruitment services in helping a range of job seeker groups secure temporary, contract and permanent roles in a wide range of industries, at all levels. By working with employers, organisations and allied professionals our Job Services and Disability Employment Programs aim to increase employment opportunities for people who are not in work due to ill health, disability or disadvantages.

Working Arrangements provide appropriate support to many of those who have the potential to work, but are not currently working because of economic or social inequalities, illness, or acquired or congenital disability, to have access to the benefits of work.

What do we do?

We provide tailored recruitment solutions and work in collaboration with local business with a vast network of clients throughout Melbourne. Importantly, treating each candidate with the dignity and respect they deserve whist reflecting our corporate values providing workforce solutions spanning across all industries and sectors.

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