1. Urgent Help

    Service Categories

    • Accommodation and housing

      Services to support individuals who are experiencing difficulties with homelessness such as sleeping rough and couch surfing.

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    • Alcohol and other drugs

      Services to support young people in identifying and responding to drug and alcohol related problems, including harm minimisation.

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    • Carers support and respite

      Services providing support to young carers and carers of young people.

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    • Counselling

      Providing services in a confidential setting with young poeple who are experiencing personal difficulties; providing new perspectives, support and pathways to additional services if needed.

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    • Cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) specific

      Services to support youth who speak English as a second language or who have emigrated from non-Western countries.

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    • Domestic violence and sexual assault

      Services and support for individuals who find themselves affected by domestic violence or sexual assault.

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    • Family

      Providing services and support networks for young people working through problems at home ranging from pregnancy, substances abuse to homelessness.

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    • Financial and material aid

      Services that provide short term relief to financial and material hardships experienced by young people.

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    • General health

      Services that support both mental and physical health of young people across the health spectrum.

      Information regarding regular and out-of-hours General Practitioner (GPs) locations can be found on the Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local health directory.

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    • General youth

      A list of services and information for youth focused events and groups.

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    • Mental health

      Information and support for young people affected by mental health, be it themselves or someone close to them.

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    • Same sex attracted and gender diverse

      Providing information and support for same sex attracted and gender diverse young people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual young people.

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    • Sexual health

      Providing information and support for sexual health matters including sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.

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    • Young parents

      Providing support and information for young parents, including supported playgroups and general parenting.

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