A-Z Listing




  • Angliss Maternity Specialised Support Service
  • Collaborative team approach for pregnant women, alcohol and drug service, pregnancy care education and support, information

  • Anglicare Family Services
  • Case management and support for vulnerable young people and their families where young people are at risk. Referrals through Child FIRST.

  • Australian Childhood Foundation
  • The Australian Childhood Foundation works to put a stop to child abuse and give children a life free from trauma and violence.

  • Anchor - Opening Doors
  • Opening Doors provides immediate response to those experiencing homelessness.  This may include provision of information, advocacy, and referral to emergency and transitional housing, material aid and other personal development initiatives.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs - ATOD
  • Our counsellors will work with you to identify and address your concerns regarding alcohol and/or other drugs, mental health concerns or other life challenges. We are a family inclusive service.

  • Australian Youth Mentoring Network
  • The Australian Youth Mentoring Network, Australia's peak mentoring body, is a national hub for youth mentoring research, tools and resources. We work with interested youth mentoring organisations and practitioners to foster the growth and development of high quality mentoring programs for young people in Australia by providing a national base of collaboration, support, guidance and expertise.


  • Belgrave Police
  • Boronia Police
  • Benwerren Holiday Home for Women in Need
  • Provides up to 2 weeks 'timeout' for women with or without children - self referral or agency. Women who are homeless must come through an agency and be from the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Linen and all meals provided. Peaceful, supportive environment.

  • Box Hill Institute
  • Variety of pre-apprenticeship, certificate, diploma courses across a range of industry areas


  • Croydon Police
  • CIRE Education and support services
  • Welcome to Cire Services formally known as Upper Yarra Community House - delivering the best in Education and support - proving lifelong learning, care and support services for all age groups and interests

  • Child FIRST and Family Services
  • ChildFIRST provide information/advice and accepts referrals for children and young people where there are vulnerabilities and wellbeing concerns.  ChildFIRST conducts child and family risk assessments/management, short term interventions, referrals to other agencies and longer term support via Family Services if appropriate.

  • Centrelink Information Service
  • General social security payments, Medicare program, onsite referrals to appropriate services

  • Cradle to Kinder
  • Referrals made through Child FIRST.  Intensive support to high risk and vulnerable young parents from pregnancy until child reaches 4 years of age.  Priority access to young parents who are/have been in out of home care, Aboriginal young people and young people with a learning disability.  Service provided by Anglicare as the Key Worker/case worker, in partnership with O'Connell Family Centre (parenting specalists) and Cara (supported housing for young mothers).

  • Child Protection Crisis Line
  • Centre for Multi Cultural Youth
  • A combination of specialist support services, training and consultancy, knowledge sharing and advocacy working to remove the barriers young people face as they make Australia their home.

  • Centrelink Youth and Student Services
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Service - CHYMS
  • Mental health service for children and youth up to the age of 25 years

  • Crisis services (housing)
  • Phone line assisting those facing homelessness.

  • City Life Community Care Support Services
  • Support services - maternal and infant support, women's and means social support groups, employment/resume/job interview support

  • Centre for Multicultural Youth - CMYI
  • A state-wide community based organisation that aims to strengthen and build innovative partnerships between young people, support services and the community to enhance life opportunities for young people from Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. CMYI has a priority focus on CALD young people from refugee and newly arrived communities.

  • CanTeen (Children affected by cancer)
  • CanTeen supports young people impacted by cancer through peer based recreation days, overnight programs, while also offering tailored individual support via phone, face to face and online sessions with counsellors and psychosocial support workers.


  • City Life Community Care Counselling
  • Counselling for children, adolescents, couples, families. Personal development and support groups.

  • CHAMPION is a place where all people in need will be welcome. Whether it is to access food, or to utilise our resources, such as computers for resumes and job searches, speaking to the community worker to be linked with other services or to simply come and have a cuppa and a chat with our volunteers. There is no judegement, only access and support. CHAMPION has been designed to help our broader community and neighbourhood through their tough times. Its has been recognised that there are many people who may be slipping through the cracks of the welfare system. We welcome anyone and there is no need for a health care card of pension card.

  • Capacity Building
  • The mission of the Capacity Building Team is to build the capacity of schools and teachers to meet the needs of 'at risk' students in eastern metropolitan DET schools and, wherever possible, to enable students to remain in their neighbourhood schools.

    Program Outline and Fee Structure 2018

    Once a referral has been made to Capacity Building, a member of the Capacity Building team will conduct pre–consultation session/s for which there is no charge. These sessions may run for half a day or a whole day depending upon the needs of the school. 

    Once a school decides to engage in a program with Capacity Building there will be a fee of $250 for a series of six sessions, one of which should include a professional learning activity for a group of staff to be determined by the school. The intention of the group professional learning activity is to build whole school capacity to develop positive behaviour.

    1. Pre-consult (No fee)

    • Review of professional and specialist assessments and recommendations currently on file.
    • Interview relevant staff and conduct observation of student in relevant context to identify behaviours of concern.
    • Review of current behaviour support plans in classroom and schoolwide context.
    • Review of current support in line with DET policy documents, i.e. SPAG.
    • Provide initial recommendations to reduce behaviours of concern based on identified student needs and contexts.

    2. Engaged Services ($250 exclusive of GST)

    • Review of student behaviour progress and implementation of positive behaviour supports made in initial recommendations from Pre-consult.
    • Support school to create a Behaviour Support Team
    • Provide coaching and technical instruction to build the capacity of the Behaviour Support Team to:
      • assess the behaviour, focussing on its influences, triggers and function (i.e. what purpose it serves). This should involve observation and talking with the student, their family and relevant wellbeing professionals.
      • develop a behaviour support plan and/or individual education plan
      • collect data to inform Behaviour Support Team decision making process
      • consider if any environmental changes need to be made, for example changing the classroom set up
      • explicit teaching of replacement behaviours (recognise students will need time to practice these before they become habit)
      • engage appropriate support services, such as a student welfare coordinator, student support services or community agencies to undertake assessments and/or provide specialist support
      • conduct professional learning on understanding behaviour as a product of the environmental context.

    3. Any additional professional development sessions or stand-alone professional development sessions outside the re engagement service provision will attract a fee of $500 exclusive of GST.

    Please note:

    • Costs are not transferrable between referrals.
    • Any and all questions regarding charges and/or invoicing should be directed to the Principal or Business Manager at Croydon Community School, who manage the Capacity Building team on behalf of NEVR.

    Who can refer?

    Anyone! We receive referrals from anyone concerned about the progress of a student enrolled in eastern metropolitan DET schools. Just call us on 9724 2936


  • Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASAs)
  • CASA offer 24-hour crisis support to recent victims of sexual assault.

    • CASA offer telephone or face-to-face counselling to survivors of recent and past sexual assault/abuse (including incest)
    • they also provide legal information
    • CASA can also assist survivors to negotiate with hospitals, doctors, the police and other legal system representatives, where appropriate
  • Chewsday Bite
  • Chewsday Bite. For people in need. Every Tuesday with thanks to Second Bite.

     10:30 Morning Tea, advice and referrals

    11:30 Food collection

  • Core Of Life Health Education Program
  • Core of Life is a unique life-educated program.

    Core of Life is a program which addresses adolescents emerging attitudes to Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding and Early Parenting.

    Our hands-on workshop, developed by midwaves as part of Peninsula Health, offers an interactive mulitmedia approach to educating adolescents within an informal classroom setting. The program is for students in years 9, 10 and 11.

  • CHAMPS After School Group
  • For children aged 8-12 years who have a parent or parents with mental health issues, including children who do not live with their parents.
    The program aims to give children opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances, to receiev in formation and support and to have fun. It will include art activities, games, some suprises and yummy food! We include sessions for parents/carers and welcome input from families.

  • Cool Kids Outer East
  • A therapeutic group for primary school aged children who have experienced homelessness and/or family violence.

    The aim of the group:
    Provide a safe place for children to explore feelings and emotions
    To understand healthy ways to manage those feelings and emotions
    Use creative arts, games and discussions to do that exploration

    The program is for children of primary-school age, where there is a family worker supporting the family.

  • Career Bullseye posters
  • Career Conversations
  • Career Conversations is an online resource to assist you to talk to your child about what sort of career they’d like in the future. Talking to your child about their own interests and abilities can help them to realise their potential.Career Conversations is designed to:
    • support you to help your child prepare for the challenges ahead in the rapidly changing world of work;
    • enhance your ability to help your child develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to manage their own career throughout their lives;
    • assist you to understand the career journey your child is on that starts in childhood and continues throughout our lives;
    • equip you to help your child to develop and build their preferred career future, feel more confident and build a support network to assist them on their journey;
    • help you have career conversations that go beyond the typical ‘What do you want to do when you finish school?’ approach; and
    • help your child to make more informed decisions about career pathways and options.
  • Counselling
  • Counselling involves talking with a trained, objective professional about any difficulties you are experiencing. It can help you find positive ways to manage your situation.

    Our counsellors can help you and your family to assess needs, identify areas for change, and to use your strengths to restore or repair your relationships.

    Our counsellors will develop a plan with you and offer a mixture of individual, couple, parent and/or family work. We can also see your child, teenager or adolescent for individual sessions. We can assist parents and work with all family members in a supportive and non-judgmental way to build real solutions informed by strengths, wisdom and knowledge of family members.


  • Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service - DACAS
  • This service is for professionals including doctors, nurses and those in the specialist area for drug and alcohol who need support and or advice

  • Directline
  • Phone support and advice for drug and alcohol issues

  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria - DVRCV
  • DVRCV aims to prevent family violence and promote respectful relations through the provision of training, communications, awareness raising, advocacy, resourcing and programs to practitioners and service organisations who work with family violence survivors. 

    DVRCV do not provide a direct service to clients other than the provision of initial support and referral options. 


  • Emergency Relief - Dandenong Ranges
  • Provision of emergency relief

  • Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service - EDAS
  • Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service is a consortium of three teams in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. The EDAS team based at EACH provides drug and alcohol counselling services for adults in Maroondah and Manningham and an outreach service to young people in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

    EDAS offers a free and confidential service for people concerned about their own or others’ alcohol or drug use. EDAS takes a non-judgmental approach based on the philosophy of harm minimisation.

    EDAS works with both adults and young people, with families affected by drug and alcohol use, and with school and community groups. Services offered are counselling, support and education.


    EDAS also provides:

    •Family support

    •Forensic services

    EDAS also runs a monthly Cautious with Cannabis program.
  • Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault - ECASA
  • Counselling and advocacy for past and recent victim/survivors of sexual assault.

  • Eating Disorders Helpline
  • Phone support and advice for anyone suffering from an eating disorder or those affected

  • Eastern Health Aboriginal Health Team
  • Eastern Health�s Aboriginal Health Team is a dedicated service committed to addressing the disparity in health outcomes between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The service offers culturally appropriate delivery of primary health care services, social and emotional support, case management, planned activity group programs and home and community care. The service visits people in their homes or can travel to other Eastern Health sites. Access to this service is open to any person within Eastern Health�s catchment who identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and their family members.

  • Evolve
  • Evolve is a skill development program that caters for specific needs of young people.  Evolve activities and programs change depending on the need.  For information on specific activities contact Youth Service on 9294 5707.

  • EV's Hangout Program
  • EV's Hangout is a drop in program at EV's Youth Centre for 12-25 year olds. It is open every Thursday during the school term from 3.00pm - 6.00pm. The program offers information, support and referral for young people and is facilitated by youth workers. Young people are able to access the internet, healthy snacks and recreational activities at no cost.

  • Eastern Community Legal Centre - Outer East
  • Free Legal Advice to the Community, Community Legal Education, Professional Development, Partnerships & Projects, Law Reform & Policy, Advocacy

    Areas of advice/law: Family law, family violence, elder abuse, minor criminal, traffic, some consumer, debt, neighbourhood disputes, intervention orders.  By appointment only.

    Office Locations: Boronia & Healesville

    Outreach Locations: Lilydale, Yarra Junction, Monbulk, Rowville

    Intervention Order support program at Ringwood Magistrates Court Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. 

  • EastCare Leaving Care/Post Care
  • This program provides assistance and support to young peope aged 16-21 years who are exiting/or who have exited the care system by assisting in the development of life skills, providing links to education and training options and aiding in the prevention of homelessness.

  • Echo Australia - Lilydale
  • Disability Employment Service

  • EACH Counselling Team
  • The early intervention and counselling team helps children, young people and their families through individual, family and group support, counselling and mediation. The team works in collaboration with local schools as a key site of early intervention.

    These services are especially targeted to young people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and those who are experiencing problems related to family conflict, changes in family structure, or other disengagement from family and/or community.

  • EACH Reconnect Wilderness
  • Reconnect Wildnerness is a statewide program that provides a wilderness experience for young people who are at risk of homelessness and who are experiencing family difficulties. The wilderness experience provides a catalyst for change and self-reflection for young people aged 14-18. Individiual wilderness journeys are designed and run in conjunction with another agency that is already engaged in providing support to the young people. Holistic support and follow up for young people and their families is provided in order to capitalise on the wilderness experience.

  • Echo Australia - Ringwood
  • Disability Employment Service

  • Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women's Services
  • Elizabeth Hoffman House Aboriginal Women's Services (EHHAWS) seeks to promote social justice and equity for Aboriginal women and children experiencing Family Violence in the community.

    EHHAWS provides a range of support to Aboriginal women and children experiencing family violence from crisis through to recovery programs. The Family Violence Services comprise of:

    • Women's Refuge
    • Outreach services - crisis and intake service, case management service, Intensive Case Management and court support
    • Family violence housing crisis worker
    • After hours crisis service
    • Prisoners Program
    • Family violence counselling for women
    • Children's Counselling Program and
    • Short term projects (dependent on funding)
  • EACH Employment Service
  • A specialist employment service to assist people with mental health conditions, disabilities or other barriers into employment by providing pre-employemnt, placement, training and support. Emphasis is placed on identifying the individuals aims to gain and maintain employment to meet their needs.


    Ringwood- 9259 4100

    Boronia- 8720 2500

  • Eastern Victims Assistance and Counselling
  • EVAC provides:

    •Confidential support and information for victims of a violent crime such as family violence, sexual assault, physical assault and homicide.

    •Practical support, outreach services, court support, referral to support groups, solicitors and counselling if required.

    •Assistance to make application through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) for on-going counselling and financial assistance.
  • Echo Australia - Wantirna
  • Disability Employment Service

  • Eastern Domestic Violence Outreach Service - EDVOS
  • EDVOS is the primary Family Violence service for women and their children who live or work in the Eastern Metropolitan Region and who are currently living with or who have experienced family violence.


  • Family Planning Australia
  • Our clinics are safe, confidential places for young people to access sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception, STI testing, unplanned pregnancy and medication abortion.

    Services are bulk-billed for under 18s and concession card holders.

    Everyone is welcome at our clinics.

  • Family Reconciliation Program - Anchor
  • The family reconciliation program provides counselling for families with young people between the ages of 15-25 years to resolve present and past conflict and to rebuild relationships.

  • Frontyard Youth Services
  • Frontyard Integrated Youth Services work together to address the physical, social, and emotional needs of young people up to the age of 25, who spend time in the Melbourne CBD or who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Some of the services also work with young people across the whole of Melbourne and Victoria. Most services are drop-in so no appointment is necessary

  • Foundation House
  • Provides a range of services, including counselling, advocacy and professional development to support refuges and asylum seekers who have experienced torture and trauma.

  • Festival Crew
  • Maroondah festival is the City of Maroondah's annual community festival held each November in the suburb of Croydon. Festival crew is an opportunity for young people from the local area to contribute to the planning and running of the entertainment and activities in the Youth Space at Maroondah Festival. Participants of festival crew are involved in selecting and booking bands, selecting basic rides and festival stalls and planning and organising games and activities, along with assisting in running the youth space on festival day. Participants gain and develop skills in event and project management, communication and team work and the program supports them in strengthening friendships and connections within the local comminute.

  • FADS
  • FADS offers counselling for all the family members and those supporting the family.

  • Family Counselling
  • Family counselling is available to individuals and families who have children under the age of 18 years. Our aim is to support families where there are mental health issues, family violence or parenting issues to ensure children can live safely within their home and community.

  • FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria
  • FMC Mediation adn Counselling Victoria exists to help people improve the quality of their lives.  FMC was established in 1985 and since then we have successfuly provided services for people in conflict and people going through personal and financial difficulties.


    Our services include:

    • Family Dispute Resolution
    • Family and Relationship Services
    • Financial Counselling
    • Financial Capability
    • Family Mental Health Support Services
  • Fit 2 Drive Education Program
  • F2D program leaders, MFB/CFA. Police Youth Resource Officer visit schools to work with VCE students in groups of approximatley 20-25 and young people specially trained in small group dynamics

  • Family therapy
  • Working and collaborating closely with headspace and its practitioners, we provide whole of family support to young people in a number of ways. 

    We can support parents and carers independently, in parallel with the clinical help provided to the young person through headspace.

    We can also provide a family consultation to help young people and family members talk through their situation and set realistic shared goals. This can then be followed by further family therapy sessions to help families to achieve their goals. 


  • Gay and Lesbian Switchboard
  • Gatehouse Centre
  • Services include: * Crisis management and support services * After Hours Crisis Service * Short and longer-term counselling for victims of child abuse and their families * Assessment and Treatment for children and young people with sexually abusive behaviours and problem sexual behaviours * Information service for professionals, agencies and the community * Outreach services * Group work program * Advocacy for children and young people * Research and Evaluation

  • Gambling Help Online Services
  • Gambling service available to anyone with gambling issues or concerned other. Online, phone, face to face options.

  • Green Foot Flicks Knox Youth Film Festival
  • Green Foot Flicks - Knox Youth Film Festival is a film festival that occurs each year and is organised by the Youth Events crew and supported by Bendigo Bank, Wantirna Mall. Young film makers can submit films (due February) to the annual film festival held in April during National Youth Week.

  • Girls with Attitude
  • Want to learn some new ways to discover yourself?

    Girls with Attitude is a program for young women experiencing difficulties dealing with their emotions, struggling with significant relationships and many other issues.

    The program runs for five days over six weeks and covers topics such as; communication, feelings and emotions, self esteem and confidence, assertiveness, strategies for getting past anger, and relationship building. A parent forum after the fourth session is also an important element of the program.

    Contact Connections to find out when next group is running

    Contact: Lea Young, Group Work Facilitator 9724 2222 or Glyn Jones, Group Work Team Leader Connections Eastern Family Services

  • Gamblers Help Youthline

  • Are you under 25? We have a dedicated support service just for you. We provide information, advice and support to young people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's free, confidential and anonymous. We can also help you if someone you care about is having problems with gambling.

    Call Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800 262 376. 

    Signs you might have a gambling problem

    Think you might have a problem with your gambling?  Here are some signs to look out for:
    • Feeling of depression including isolation from friends
    • Obsession with simulated gaming apps and games
    • Spending lots of time talking or thinking about gambling
    • Experiencing mood swings, feeling stressed when not gambling
    • Having fights with your family about gambling
    • Obsessing about odds when watching sport instead of focusing on the game
    • Lying or being secretive about gambling activities
    • Missing school or grades falling due to time being spent gambling
    • Borrowing or taking money from family and friends
    • Continuing to gamble to win back money you have lost.

    Who can you talk to about this?

    You could think about talking to:
    • A friend or family member
    • Your doctor
    • A teacher or student welfare coordinator
    • A youth worker or social worker at a community health centre
    • Gambler's Help Youthline: 1800 262 376 FREECALL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 FREECALL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Gambler's Help: 1800 858 858 FREECALL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Gambling Help online, at www.gamblinghelponline.org.au, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Things to think about if you like to gamble

    • The odds of winning on any game are hardly ever in your favour.
    • It doesn't matter how long to play, the odds of winning don't change whether you are on game 1 or game 100.
    • Knowing who is in or out of form might improve your likelihood of winning more points in the tipping comp but chance always comes into play.
    • The gambling industry exists to make a profit.
    • Looking out for your mates is part of being a teenager – think about how being an informed friend can help your mates.
    • Gambling can be a form of escape if you are feeling lonely or isolated.  Think about who you can talk to if you need help, such as your parents, teachers, school counsellor or gambling help professionals.
    • Gambling online is risky.  The Australian Government's cybersafety website has information about online games and staying safe online.
    • If you want more information on the real chances of winning big and more, go to gamblingsnotagame.com.au

    You're not the one with the gambling problem?

    Does your parent or someone you care about have a problem with gambling? We can help you in lots of ways. We offer free information, advice and tips for coping with the situation.
    For tips and strategies visit support for kids.
    Or Call Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800 262 376.


  • Healesville Police
  • Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies
  • The aim of the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies program is to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and their babies through regular support in the home and community.
    The Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies (HMHB) team includes a midwife, social worker and family support worker who will support women during pregnancy and for up to six weeks after birth.
    There is no cost for this program

  • headspace Knox
  • headspace Knox is a centre offering young people aged 12-25 a welcoming environment in which they can seek confidential health advice, support and information.

    headspace Knox offers a team of  friendly health experts who can discuss and help with concerns or problems: school-related stress, bullying, sexual health and contraception, relationship and friendships, drug and alcohol consumption, general health, depression, anxiety, or if you're just not 'feeling right'.

    Our Services include:

    - General health services (GP Doctors & Youth Health Nurses)

    - Counseling Services

    - Alcohol and other drug services

    - Mental health services

    - Vocational, Education & Training Services  

    - Social and therapeutic group programs

  • Happy Being Yoga
  • Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative (HYDDI)
  • The Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative is funded to improve the youth homelessness sector's response to young people across the Outer East who have impacting substance use and mental health issues with a view to maximising the young person's recovery. HYDDI provides direct help with young people including assessment, treatment recommendations, short term interventions, appropriate referral options, telephone advice and secondary and tertiary consultation.

  • Harrison - Opening Doors and Housing Options Program Eastern HOPE
  • UnitingCare Harrison's 'Opening Doors' program is part of a state-wide effort to make it easier for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to access assistance. By simply calling free of charge 1800 825 955 anywhere in Victoria, people can access their closest 'Opening Doors' service 24 hours a day.

    UnitingCare Harrison's 'Opening Doors' program is linked with four other 'Opening Doors' programs strategically placed throughout the Eastern Metropolitan Region. The benefits of the 'Opening Doors' program are that people who are homeless are given a streamlined service response.  A new assessment tool means that suitable accommodation and support options are based on clients assessed risk / need levels.

    'Opening Doors' staff can access state wide vacancy registers, which provide an up to date list of all the vacancies (both support and housing) both in the Eastern Region and state wide.

    Activities / Services of the Program -

    • Assessment of need
    • Referral to specialist services (e.g. family violence)
    • Referral to support and crisis accommodation vacancies
  • Healesville Interchurch Community Care Inc (HICCI)
  • Emergency Relief - Food and material aid
    HACC transport
    Community meals

  • Hands on Learning
  • One day a week a small group of students are taken out with two Artisan teachers to engage in hands on, practical projects around the school as well as in the community. It is a day where students can have a break from every day school, form close friendships in a small group,learn practical skills and be mentored. The program incorporates reflective practise through the use of Focus Plans at the beginning and at the end of each day. The four pillars of Handson Learning are;

    1. a safe place to being,

    2. a group to belong to,

    3. real things to do

    4. a chance to give back.

    The program is run at school on the school grounds encouraging the students to re-engage and stay connected to school. 

    Hands on Learning has a proven success record of engaging students back in to school, improving attendance and developing life-long practical skills. The school-based practical program increases student achievement by creating opportunities for young people to discover their talents and experience success. The program has been recognised for its innovativeness, impact and scalability, with the listing noting that Hands on Learning is about being brave enough to try something that isn’t traditional schooling for at least one day per week.
  • HYPA Helping Young People Achieve
  • HYPA, standing for Helping Young People Achieve, provides a wide range of support to young people to find and harness their talent for a positive future. It has supported many thousands of young people since its inception in September 1958, helping them to access and maintain safe and appropriate accommodation, to reconnect with family, school, employment and the community.

    Many of the young people we support have experienced trauma in their lives and need extensive support. We recognize that despite their often chaotic life circumstances, the young people who come to HYPA are incredibly resilient. We believe every young person we help has the strength and capacity to bring about positive change and build a future beyond their present expectations.


  • Inspiro
  • Inspiro is a local, not for profit health service delivering dental, counselling, podiatry, adult & children’s speech therapy, dietetics, diabetes management, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, adult & children's occupational therapy, social support, family support, psychology, a sexual health clinic and NDIS services.

  • Interchange Outer East
  • Interchange East provides opportunities for teenagers and young adults to volunteer on recreational activities supporting children with disabilities. Volunteer opportunities can also be made available in areas of administration and computer technology.

  • I like, like you: Healthy relationships programs for schools
  • I like, like you is an early intervention relationship program that promotes the connection between healthy intimate relationships, and emotional health and wellbeing. With a strong emphasis on violence prevention and mental health promotion, the whole of school program introduces adolescents to the knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that promote healthy, equitable and respectful relationships.

    I like, like you is flexible. It has been adapted for adolescents aged between 13-18 years, upper primary school students, students with a mild intellectual disability, young people with an indigeneous background and students who live in out-of-home care.

  • Ice Advice Line
  • For young people and or service providers needing advice for people affected and or using ice


  • Job Guide
  • The Job Guide is written and produced for secondary school students. This resource includes information on over 500 occupations, contact details for training providers, as well as job search information and advice. It is now an online resource available to everyone and it is a great place to start to broaden your knowledge about what different occupations require in terms of skills and abilities, and the training pathways available.

  • Job Prospects
  • We help people with disability, injury or health conditions to prepare for, find and keep a job. We can provide career advice, help you with your resume, organise training and prepare you for work. We can also provide ongoing support at work (if you need it), including funding for necessary workplace modifications and wage subsidies to employers


  • Knox Police
  • Knox Youth Information Centre (YIC)
  • The YIC provides information and individual assistance to young people, parents, teachers and youth workers and others working on behalf of young people.

  • Knox Community Health
  • ATOD counselling, full assessment of substance use, mental health screening, psycho-education, referral, various therapies, needle syringe program

  • Kids Help Line
  • Free phone counselling for kids

  • Knox Infolink
  • Information, support and referral service and the main provider of Emergency Relief assistance for Knox

  • Knox Youth Information Centre (YIC)
  • The YIC provides information and individual assistance to young people, parents, teachers and youth workers and others working on behalf of young people.

  • Knox Youth Services Counselling
  • The counselling program provides individual therapy, parent/family work and therapeutic group work on a short medium term basis.

  • Knox Youth Council
  • The Knox Youth Council (KYC) is an advisory committee of Knox City Council. KYC provides advice and suggestions to Knox City Council and its various departments on a range of issues and makes recommendations on issues or services that may affect young people in the Knox Community. Young people who participate in KYC come from a range of differ rent backgrounds and have varied life experiences. KYC consults with young people in the community to ensure that the diversity of young people, opinions and interest in the City of Knox are considered by Council. Young people interested in participating in KYC need to be aged between 12-23 years (at time of appointment). You also need to be able or prepared to commit to being a part of KYC for two years.

  • Knox Youth Events Crew
  • Knox Youth Events Crew is a group for young people 12-25 years who live, work, study or hang out in City of Knox that get together to plan, organise and create activities and events at Knox Festival, Stringybark festival and Green foot flicks youth film festival.

  • K.Y.M Springboard Program
  • Springboard - Education, Training, Employment support to young people leaving care. Education and training to young people at risk.

  • Knox Youth Services Parent Information Sessions
  • It's no secret that parenting is an incredibly demanding job.  Knox Youth Services supports the work that parents do by providing a range of free educative and informative Parent Seminars that are responsive to contemporary issues. Contact Knox City Council Youth Services to find out more.

  • Knox Youth Services Parent Information Sessions
  • Information sessions are offered throughout the year to support the work of parents by providing a range of free education and information parent seminars that are responsive to contemporary issues.

  • Knox Leaders Program
  • The young leaders programs aims to increase young people's skills and confidence in leadership, communication and participation. Participants are Year 10 students selected by local Secondary schools. Training is provided in communocation group process, public speaking and leadership.

  • Knox Schools Expo
  • The Knox Schools Expo is an annual information eveening that is usually held each March. The Expo if for parents, guardians and carers of Years 5 and 6 students who are transitiong to Secondary school in the near future. Visit website for more information.

  • Knox School Focused Youth Service
  • SYFSA provides a point of reference for schools and agencies seeking information, advice and support on wellbeing related matters affecting young people aged 10-18 years.

  • Kids Hope Aus Ltd.
  • Mentoring program for primary school children, referred by teachers.

  • K.Y.M Skills First Reconnect Program
  • An Educational Re-engagement initiative/program funded by the Victorian Government and is targeted at 15-25 year olds and specifically for K.Y.M (Victoria) Inc, young people who reside in the Knox and Maroondah Regions, who are not currently engaged/enrolled in education, training and/or full-time employment.


  • L2P Yarra Ranges
  • Community based volunteer program which provides access to driving practice for learner drivers who are struggling to achieve their mandatory 120 hours of driving practice towards their Probationary Licence. Through the L2P program, learner drivers are matched with fully licensed community volunteers who have undertaken a selection and training process to become supervising drivers. Using a sponsored vehicle (used solely for the purpose of this program) the learner and their mentor go out driving once a week, working towards 120 hours of driving practice. 

    Cars are based in Lilydale and Yarra Junction.

  • Level-Up Productions FReeZA Committee- Yarra Ranges
  • FReeZA is a Victorian Governement funded program that works across local councils to deliver inclusive, safe and acesible drug/alcohol free music and culutural events for young people. 

    Level-Up Productions is the name of our FReeZA program which recruits and skills up young people who have an interest in delivering art, music and cultural events in their local community. Duration is roughly12 months for each member with a commitment to either weekly of fortnightly meetings and the delivery of 5 events (minimum) each year.

    In 2017 Yarra Ranges Youth will be operating in several area's across the Yarra Ranges to develop groups of young people in the Urban, Hills and Valley regions. This may include in-school groups, local projects or teaming up with a festival/event in the area. Each one will be as different and unique as the young people who make it up!

    Training (non-certified) and hands-on learning is provided by experienced staff and industry professionals. 

    Events can range from Art shows, Skate Comps, Live music (punk/rock/hardcore/indie/acoustic etc etc etc), Dance parties, Pool Parties, Film, Awareness events, Awards/Recognition events, Broadcasts, Recordings...the list could go on forever!

    The process introduces soft skills such as customer services, cahs handling, sales, running meetings, making booking/enquiries, team work, planning and evalauting skills and more.

  • Lilydale Police
  • LinC Yarra Valley
  • Emergency relief and crisis support; Local transport for social and medical access; Referrals

  • Lifeline
  • Free phone counselling for all ages

  • LGBTIQ+ Groups Knox
  • Knox City Council Youth Services and headspace Knox run 4 different programs for same sex attracted and gender diverse young people.


    Free 2 Be Meprovides a fun and safe space for young people aged 11-13who identify as LGBTQAI+ or are questioning, with sessions running fortnightly after school hours.

    4 Meis a support program for rainbow young people aged 14-18who live, work, study or hang out in the City of Knox. In a safe environment, young people who identify as LGBTQAI+ or are questioning will be able to explore their relationships with themselves, others and their community. It’s a fortnightly 12 week program held over 24 weeks. Young people can join during the first few weeks of the program however may need to wait for the next intake if we are too far into the modules.


    Emerge is a monthly support group for people aged 18-25 yearswho may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender diverse or questioning. In a safe and supportive environment, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others in the LGBTQAI+ community and discuss things like coming out, transitioning, sexual health as well as friends, family and relationships. Best of all, you’ll build your confidence and have fun! Young people can join at any time.




    The Rainbow Youth Action Groupis for LGBTQAI+ people aged 16-25who are keen to develop new skills and are passionate about advocacy. You’ll participate in monthly meetings, undertake training and get involved in community education activities such as fundraising and public speaking at functions and schools.


  • LYFT - Linking youth and families together
  • Linking youth and families together (LYFT) assists young people and their families to address difficulties associated with alcohol use amongst young people.

    We work in partnership with families and with other professionals and services supporting them. We help families to develop positive ways of communicating and problem solving. The notion of family is undetstood broadly and includes relatives and significant others. Our work is conducted in settings that offer the greatest opportunity for engagement and learning.

    We provide
    - referral and assesment
    - case co-ordination
    - individual and family counselling
    - parent support groups
    - secondary consultation to health and welfare professionals


  • Mooroolbark Police
  • Monbulk Police
  • Mount Evelyn Police
  • Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place
  • A community that is committed to retaining promoting and strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural identity in the Eastern Metropolitan region of Melbourne.

  • Maroondah Addictions Recovery Project - MARP
  • Residential Rehabilitation program. Supported accommodation. Individual treatment plans. Self help groups.

  • Mountview Corner House
  • AIDS information; alcohol service; assessment referral service; drug service; information and support service; pharmacotherapy substitute program, drug screening

  • Mankind
  • A fun, experience based program for young men aged 14-16 years. The program aims to help participants develop coping skills, enhance self esteem and confidence and connect with activities they enjoy.

  • Mission Australia Disability Employment Services
  • Employment and Training services. Additional services include assistance with counselling/social work

  • Men's helpline
  • Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)
  • MIC offers a range of services for refugees and family stream migrants residing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to understand Australian life, integrate into a multicultural community and access services and opportunities that are available to all people in the community. MIC assists older people, younger people with disabilities and their carers who due to their diversity require assistance to access services so they can stay living at home. Diversity includes people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and/or those who have dementia, are experiencing financial disadvantage, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex. Moving to a new country can be challenging for everyone. Through casework and programs to individuals, families, children and young people, MIC is able to offer support to newly arrived refugee and family stream migrant communities. MIC offers youth specific settlement support to young people aged 12 - 25 years, through three youth settlement workers, covering the eastern region.

  • Men's Referral Service (to end violence)
  • Counselling, information and referral for men with violent behaviours

  • Mountain District Learning Centre
  • MDLC provides alternative youth education programs to mainstream secondary schooling. We deliver foundation, intermediate and senior VCAL and VET courses. MDLC offers The Cottage Program, this program is designed for students who may be experiencing social anxiety, depresion, long perids of absenteeism from School or have medical conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome. We specialise in addressing langauge, literacy and numeracy and assist to bridge gaps in learning.

  • Metro Access Knox
  • Supports the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Knox community

  • Maroondah's SWAT Program
  • The Maroondah SWAT program is a fun and challenging opportunity offered to Year 10 and VCAL students across Maroondah. Participants are nominated through schools and spend 1 day at a Summit, 3 days at a Retreat and will be supported within their schools to implement an action to increase the wellbeing in their schools. The program focuses on positive psychology and wellbeing with clear links to self confidence, community leadership and self awareness. The aim of SWAT is to assist and encourage young people to participate more confidently and effectively in their school and local community. SWAT is supported by the Victorian Government through the Engage! program.

  • Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Screening test for sexually transmitted infections, outreach services, clinic for HIV positive clients, free hepatitis B vaccination

  • Melbourne Chatterbox
  • The Melbourne Chatterbox operates three nights a week in Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs. The chatterbox provides a variety of services to street frequenting young people, linking them to the services they require as well as providing basic material aid in food, clothing and health supplies. There are also wireless internet facilities, computers and a separate space to enable volunteers to quietly counsel and engage with young people.

  • Maroondah FReeZA Program
  • The Maroondah FReeZA program is a music and event focused personal development program for local young people aged 15-25. The program focuses on developing young people's personal skills, team work skills and individual confidence through their involvement in planning, organising and running a range of drug and alcohol and smoking-free live all ages music events for thousands of young people in the local area each year. Participation is for one year only and successful participants attend compulsory training in a board range of areas including Audio PA and lighting system set up and operation; leadership, teamwork and effective communication skills, event management, music business skills, budgeting

  • Maroondah Youth Awards
  • Maroondah Youth Awards is an annual event that allows young people who live, work or play in the City of Maroondah to be recognised for their achievements, not limited to academic, sporting or volunteering. All nominees are recognised and receive a certificate and a Maroondah City Council gift bag from the Mayor of Maroondah and Councillors.

  • Maroondah Citizens Advice Bureau Inc
  • Free, confidential advice and referral

  • myfuture
  • myfuture is Australia’s comprehensive on-line resource that you can use to:

    • talk to your child about careers
    • find how their interests and abilities can lead to a job
    • discover what they are really good at and explore their interests, skills and occupations
    • help your child with selecting courses and training options
    • use interactive activities such as Mini Career Explorer to help your child explore their options.
  • Maroondah L2P Program
  • The Maroondah L2P program is a community based program that matches learner drivers with a volunteer mentor to assist with obtaining 120 hours of driving practice required to apply for probationary licence.  The program is designed to assist young people between the ages of 16 – 21 who have barriers to reaching the required hours of driving experience.  Volunteers are members of the community who have undergone a screening, training and selection process in order to be deemed suitable for the program.  Learner/Mentor matches will drive for a minimum of 1 hour per week in a vehicle supplied through the L2P program. 

  • Metro Access Yarra Ranges (inclusive communities for people with disabilities)
  • Supports the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Yarra Ranges community.
    MetroAccess is a partnership initiative between Council and the State Government. It aims to build inclusive communities and improve access for people living with a disability.

  • Mind youth services
  • Mind offers a variety of programs specifically tailored to young people. We work in conjunction with several headspace centres to provide early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds. We run youth residential rehabilitation services for young people who are experiencing severe mental ill-health and need longer-term intensive recovery support. Mind also provides recovery support in youth prevention and recovery care centres for sub-acute (step up/step down) care, in partnership with hospitals. The Mind Equality Centre in North Fitzroy offers psychological therapy, and support groups to LGBTIQ youth.

  • Men's Behaviour Change Program
  • We are the largest provider of men's behaviour change programs (MBCPs) and family safety contact services in Victoria.
    We are committed to stopping family violence in our community, and provide a range of family violence services and programs, including MBCPs. The program is designed to help men to stop hurting the people they love most, and in the process become better partners and better fathers.
  • Mount Evelyn Counselling
  • Counselling offered by Psychologists and Counsellors
    We have 7 psychologists and 2 counsellors available


  • Nurse On Call
  • Phone advice on health, wellbeing and medical issues

  • NerdSpace
  • NerdSpace is a space to play your favourite card games, board games & DnD too. In these early days we'll be running events once a month of Saturday from 10am-3pm as we look to grow it up again.
    So by all means please come along to our events & if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
    For more details visit - 

  • Neami
  • Neami National is a community mental health service supporting people living with mental illness to improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goals.


  • Olinda Police
  • Oral Health
  • EACH has a dental chair clinic which delivers oral health to a broad range of community members who live in the outer eastern metropolitan area of Melbourne.

  • [email protected]
  • [email protected] is a new program designed to re-engage young people aged 12-16 with education. We are managed by Croydon Community School and the OPTIONS name covers all alternative programs run by the school on behalf of NEVR.

    We accept enrolments through Croydon Community School and can arrange an MOU for schools who wish to remain connected to their student whilst they are participating in our programs.

    [email protected] is a 4-tier program operating from our site at Neal St. Bayswater (rear of Bayswater Secondary College). It operates as follows:

    Tier 1 – Students participate in a completely individualised program of 1:1 sessions as appropriate and required. Most students at this tier participate up to three times a week for an hour at a time. There is flexibility for us to adjust that to best meet the needs of the student. This can occur on or off-site.

    Tier 2 – Students participate in small group sessions for 3 hours four times per week. Students continue their individualised program from Tier 1 and pro-social skills and activities are built in. These sessions occur on-site at Bayswater and may involve local excursions, as well as trips further afield, as directed by student ability and interest.

    Tier 3 – Students participate in an Advisory class of up to 15 students on our Bayswater site. They attend for three hours, five days per week.

    Tier 4 – Students are transitioned to an appropriate pathway. This may be another secondary school of their choice, an apprenticeship, workplace or other training, or to Croydon Community School (Mt. Dandenong Rd, Croydon site).

    At [email protected], all aspects of our program are in accordance with DET guidelines and we asses students by the Australian Curriculum Standards. As a Re-engagement program, we have the flexibility to meet the needs of young people with reduced hours of on-site requirement and utilise Big Picture Education as our framework for engagement and learning.

    As a school site, we have a responsibility to maintain safety of all our students, staff and visitors. Violence or threats of violence, drug related incidents (including attendance whilst drug or alcohol affected, smoking) and walking off site without permission/prior arrangement/signing out will be managed according to the DET policies and guidelines.

  • Onpysch
  • OnPsych provides psychological services to schools in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. We are a passionate team of fully qualified, registered psychologists and social workers who specialise in child and adolescent services. We work in primary, secondary, and special schools, from both public and private sectors. We work in both individual and group sessions with students and parents. In most cases, services are performed at no cost to the school, student or parent.

    OnPsych services are provided on-site, at the school. We value working collaboratively with school welfare teams, teachers and parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people across Australia. A Health Care Plan, with clear outcomes, will be tailored for each individual. Through Medicare, individuals are eligible for 10 individual sessions and 10 group training sessions each year, at no cost to the student or the school.


  • Project Rockit
  • An anti-bullying organisation that empowers young people to stand up and lead change in school and beyond. We are run by young people, for young people.

  • Peaceful Warriors Program
  • Mentoring program for young people struggling with behavioural issues who lack an appropriate male member

    Suresh Ruberan and David Litchfield run the program for 2 groups of boys age 9-12 and 13-16 years old.

  • Parentline
  • Phone advice and guidance for parents with issues or questions in regards to raising their children and the family set

  • Private Rental Brokerage Program
  • The private rental brokerage program assists and equips young people to secure and maintain private rental housing options.

  • Playgroup
  • Seville Community House runs various training, educational, wellbeing and art courses.

  • Party for Your Rights
  • , things don't go according to plan and there are various purchasing problems to overcome. The more problems solved, the better the party will be! Consumer Affairs Victoria developed Party for your rights in response to national research that found that 45 percent of consumers aged 16-24 did not know what rights they had after buying a product or signing up for a service.

  • Pirates with Attitude
  • PIRATES with Attitude

    Be part of a change of attitude to artists of All Abilities

    Sing, Dance & Perform

    Musical Theatre workshops for 16+ and over, all abilities to further develop their skills in drama, singing and dance

    Workshops: Saturdays 1.30-3.30pm

    26 April, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May,

    7, 14, 21 June 2014

    Performance: 28 June

    Venue: DRMC

    (In the grounds of Upwey High School,

    1451 Burwood Hwy, Upwey)

    Total Cost: $50 for all workshops

    Or $5 per workshop


    Performers are to be accompanied by a carer/parent or guardian at all times if necessary

    These workshops are designed for people of all abilities who have an interest in performing arts

    Artistic Director: Pauline Derrick – Special Education Teacher and Performing Arts Specialist

    To register email:[email protected]

    Form available www.drmc.org.au

    For more information: Pauline Derrick 0417 552 863

  • Parent's Skills Gateway toolkit
  • This toolkit includes ways to help your child choose the right training.

    The Victorian Skills Gateway is a one-stop-shop for Victorian vocational education and training. It includes information about apprenticeships, traineeships and courses at TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations. You can search for information about occupations, courses, training providers, video and written case studies.


  • Ringwood Police
  • Redwood Community Centre
  • The Redwood Community Centre provides a holistic and genuinely caring provision of services, facilitating spiritual development, enhancing mental and interpersonal wellbeing, health and lifestyle improvement  and self-development.

    With a broad range of experience and network contacts, relevant support and referrals can be provided in a relaxed and personal manner.

  • Relationships Australia
  • Working with young people, individuals and families to provide counselling

  • Ranges
  • Rangers will offer the opportunity to go away on camps or day time excursions on occasion.  You do not need to be a member of Activate Church to attend and parents are welcome to drop off and collect their children.  There are term fees associated with being part of Rangers.  Food is not offered unless it is part of an event like a family bbq day or camping.
    Rangers is a faith based program however is open everyone and does not require you to have a faith to attend.
    TERM COST | $40 1st child, $35 2nd child, $30 3rd child or capped $120 for 4+ children

  • Reach Out
  • A range of topics covered including, mental health, drugs and alcohol, bullying

  • Reach
  • RYDA Road Safety Education Program
  • RYDA is designed for 16-19 year old students who are approaching that crucial time in their live where they start to drive independently or are travelling as passengers of novice drivers.

    As part of an interactive one-day excursion, students experience a series of practical and powerful workshops that aim to change the way young people think about road safety including braking at different speeds, devise travel strategies that will work for them in the real world and get tips from road safety experts on how to protect themselves, their friends and family.


  • SalvoCare Eastern Employment Plus
  • Providing assistance to jobseekers to find employment including referrals to courses or non voc activities. Monitoring of jobseeker participation requirements.

  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line
  • Suicide Helpline Victoria
  • Statewide Children's Resource Program
  • A unique service that identifies and addresses the specific needs of children aged 0-18 years experiencing homelessness and/or family violence who are accompanying their parents. This service supports workers, carers, children and families in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Resilient Kids does not take direct referrals from families.

  • Support for Young People
  • Supported accommodation or outreach support to young people who are homeless or at risk and who are committed to education or training. Support can be given to maintain their education pathways and the development of independent living skills.

  • Salvo Care Eastern Streets Ahead
  • The Streets Ahead education and recreation pro9gram is for young people 12-18 years old who are residing in residential care on a Child Protection Order and/or Youth Justice Order and who are disengaged from education and recreation.

  • SalvoCare Eastern CASEY
  • The CASEY program is a short term crisis accommodation and support program for young people aged 18-24 years who are experiencing homelessness.

  • SalvoCare Eastern Intensive Case Management (ICMS)
  • Providing Intensive Case Management and support for younf people aged 15-25 years, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with complex needs.

  • Safe steps Family Violence Response Centre
  • safe steps Family Violence Response Centre

    • Provides telephone crisis counselling, referral, information and support
    • Is the central contact point for women’s Refuges in Victoria
    • If there are no vacancies in Victorian Refuges, WDVCS will assist a woman to explore and secure safe alternative interim accommodation options until a Refuge vacancy is available
    • Agencies can ring for information about the service
    • Provides information and referral to the Victorian Disability and Family Violence Crisis Response Initiative
    • Provide 24-hour access to interpreters as well as support for Indigenous women

    Please Note: the crisis line can be busy and there may be a wait before a caller speaks directly to a support worker.

  • Simply Skateboarding
  • Simply Skateboarding assists young people with all aspects of skateboarding. We see skateboarding as more than just a sport, we view skateboarding as a powerful tool to assist young people to reach their full potential; in not only the physical sense, but also in their personal development.
    Our staff are specialised and have extensive experience working with young people, local government, and within the skatepark sector.Our Range of Services & Programs

    Simply Skateboarding offers a range of services and programs including:

    • Beginner to Advanced Skateboard Clinics
    • Gender Specific Skateboard Clinics
    • Skateboard Related Events
    • Competitions, Demonstrations, Openings
    • Skateboard Facility Management
    • Skateboard Facility Consultations
    • Local Government Specific Skateboard Programs
    • BMX Programs & Workshops
    • Graffiti Workshops & Demonstrationshy Simply Skateboarding?

    We work with our clients to customise our services to their particular needs. With experience in youth work, skateboard facility management and skateboarding programs our mission is to provide a service that exceeds expectations. 

  • Sex, young people and the law
  • This project addresses the growing need for preventative legal education about sexuality for young people in their early teenage years. It is a highly collaborative project as it complements existing sexuality and healthy relationships programs in schools.

    Lawyers and educators from Victoria Legal Aid and community legal centres deliver a series of interactive sessions to secondary schools, VCAL programs and other youth education programs across Victoria. Teachers and other educators can also deliver the sessions using the Sex, Young People and the Law education program resources.

  • St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria Inc.
  • Material aid (food, Clothing, Furniture, etc)

  • Study Assist
  • The Study Assist website provides information to parents and students about Australian Government assistance for financing tertiary study.

  • Supporting Kids in Primary Schools (SKIPS)
  • The SKIPS (Supporting Kids in Primary Schools) program is designed to increase teachers’ understanding of mental illness and their confidence in supporting children who live with a parent with mental illness. SKIPS gives grade 5/6 students appropriate language for talking about mental illness and increases their understanding of people who live with mental illness. It also helps to reduce the stigma of mental illness in the primary school community and in the wider community.

    The SKIPS program is sometimes run on a one-off basis. However, most schools request SKIPS be run on a two-year cycle for their grade 5 and 6 classes.

    Some schools might choose a more flexible approach, running SKIPS each year for grade 6 only, or each year for grade 5 only.

    Where SKIPS has been presented to grade 5s only, there is an additional session of SKIPS (SKIPS +) for the grade 6 students who completed the program in the previous year.

    SKIPS consists of two workshops for the whole school staff and three classroom sessions for grade 5 and 6 children. The program is delivered by two Presenters with guest speakers who talk of their experiences.

    • SKIPS is direct and honest about mental illness in families.
    • SKIPS helps primary schools understand and support children and their families when a parent has a mental illness.
    • SKIPS includes speakers who talk about their experiences to both teachers and students.
    • SKIPS offers practical strategies and resources for teachers and schools.
    • SKIPS has been presented in more than 60 schools since it began in 2000.
    • SKIPS won an Australia and NZ Mental Health Service Achievement Award in 2005.

    SKIPS can only be run by registered SKIPS Presenters in schools which are members of the SKIPS community.

    The staff workshops give all school staff:

    • an understanding of the impact that mental illness in the family has on children
    • insight into what it might be like to grow up with a parent with a mental illness
    • confidence in their ability to support those families and children
    • practical strategies.

    The classroom sessions give children:

    • an understanding of mental health and illness
    • appropriate language for talking about mental illness
    • insight into what it might be like to experience a mental illness.

    An optional parent information session is also offered for parents who want to:

    • learn about the effects of mental illness on parenting
    • know what their children are learning in SKIPS sessions.
  • Steps to Wellbeing
  • Steps to Wellbeing is a free and confidential support service run by Neami National with funding from the Australian Government under the PHN program. Steps to Wellbeing provides coaching and support to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and improve social and emotional wellbeing. The program uses an evidence-based approach to help participants identify their strengths and values, and take steps to achieve their goals. Over a period of up to six sessions, and through a supportive working relationship, wellbeing coaches can help people explore and gain clarity on their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and develop strategies to improve resilience and self-care. Support is available in the way that best suits participants. 

  • Swinburne Skills and Jobs Centre
  • Funded by the Victorian Government, Skills and JObs centres are located at swinburne's Croydon and Wantirna campuses.

    Skills and Jobs Centres provide free career services to all members of the local community including 1:1 career consultations, training and course information and resume and interview skills workshops.

    Contact us or visit us on campus for information if you're preparing for a job, looking to retrain or taking the first steps in a career change.

  • SYC (Job Prospects) Transition to Work programme
  • Transition to Work is an employment service to support young people aged 15 - 24 on their journey to employment. The service provides intensive, pre employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them into work or education.

  • SYC (Job Prospects) Transition to Work programme
  • Transition to Work is an employment service to support young people aged 15 - 24 on their journey to employment. The service provides intensive, pre- employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them into work or education

  • SYC (Job Prospects) Transition to Work programme
  • Transition to Work is an employment service to support young people aged 15 - 24 on their journey to employment. The service provides intensive, pre- employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them into work or education


  • Turntable Disco
  • Dance event specifically for people with disabilities aged 18 years and over

  • Tenants Union of Victoria
  • We offer free and confidential advice to tenants and residents renting residential accommodation in Victoria. Our service covers: �private residential housing �public residential housing �residents in caravan parks �residents and tenants in rooming houses

  • The Babes Project
  • The Babes Project supports women who identify as facing some form of crisis during pregnancy. Support is offered during the perinatal period (conception to one year). The Babes Project program includes individual antenatal and postnatal education, labour education, life skills groups, social support, some material aid, labour support and referrals.

  • Teach the teacher
  • The Teach the Teacher programme was created to facilitate better  understanding for teachers and doctors of how sexual health issues affect young  people. Medical students provide lectures and workshops to teaching students,  empowering them to deal with these issues once they become teachers. Medical  students also learn vital skills about communicating knowledge to members of the  community without a medical background.

  • The Butterfly Foundation
  • Presentation and workshops for students and young people on factors that underpin bodyimage to help young people accept and respect their whole self.


  • Victoria Legal Aid
  • Victoria Legal Aid helps people with their legal problems. We focus on helping and protecting the rights of socially and economically disadvantaged Victorians. We help in areas of criminal law, family law and some civil law matters.

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal - VCAT
  • Since its inception, VCAT's purpose has been to provide Victorians with a low cost, accessible, efficient and independent tribunal delivering high quality dispute resolution. Over the years, VCAT has evolved to accommodate new jurisdictions and functions under various Acts, regulations and rules. VCAT now comprises three divisions Civil, Administration, Human Rights

  • Victorian Skills Gateway
  • The Victorian Skills Gateway is a one-stop-shop for Victorian vocational education and training. It includes information about apprenticeships, traineeships and courses at TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations. You can search for information about occupations, courses, training providers, video and written case studies.


  • Warburton Police
  • Women's Information Referral Exchange - WIRE
  • Women's information referral exchange provides information, support and referral for women of all ages

  • Whitehorse Child, Youth and Family
  • Whitehorse child, youth and family team provides assistance to people who live, work or have significant connections to Whitehorse that may be experience disconnection from family and community relationships. These services often take the form of individual counselling, family counselling, therapeutic groups or community development activities. Groups are held throughout the year, including:

    •           Bringing Up Great Kids (for parents)

    •           Treehouse (primary school aged children)

    •           Girls with Attitude (for young women aged 13 to 16 years)

    •           Mankind (for young men aged 13 to 16 years)

    •           Next Step (for young people aged 15 to 20 who have previously accessed EACH Youth and Family Services)

  • Women's Legal Service
  • Women's Legal Service is a state-wide community organisation providing free confidential legal advice, assistance and referral for women. Their services include legal advice telephone line, face to face advice & assistance, casework, court support, interpreter assisted appointments, outreach service and community legal education.

    We operate a free and confidential Legal Advice Line for women in Victoria who need legal advice, information or referral. We offer women the opportunity to speak confidentially with a female lawyer about legal issues arising from relationship breakdown and violence against women.

    Interpreter services are available.

    Phone 03 8622 0600 (for metropolitan callers) or 1800 133 302 (for country callers)

    Hours of operation

    Tuesday 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    Thursday 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

    If you need URGENT legal advice outside these hours please call Victoria Legal Aid. If you are at risk of harm please call 000.

  • Who's In Charge?
  • A group for parents and carers coping with adolescent violnece or other out of control behaviours.

    The groups aims to:
    Help parents to feel more in control and less stressed
    Offer ideas to help you develop individual strategies
    Restore safety and well-being
    Reduce the giilt and shame which parents feel
    Provide a supportive environment

  • Whitelion Mentoring
  • Whitelion supports young people aged 12-25 who are vulnerable and disadvataged. Many are involved in Child Protection or Youth Justice and desperately need positive adult role models who are willing to genuinely invest in their lives and their futures.

    Volunteer Mentors are matched with a young person in the community and spend regular time building relationship together.

    We are looking for community members who:
    - Are at least 21 years old
    - Live in the Eastern suburbs (Cities of Whitehorse, Maroondah, Yarra Ranges, Knox)
    - Possess enthusiasm, resilience, good self-awareness, strong communcation skills, a positive outlook and a willingness to have fun and try new things!
    - Have the maturity and time to commit to an ongoing relationship with a young person

    For more information, get in touch with one of our Whitelion Mentoring Eastern Program Coordinators.
    Penny - 0418 352 393 or Steph 0417 109 098.

  • Where To Now?
  • Where to Now?  is a guide for students about the options available for the last two years of secondary school, with information about the VCE and VCE VET studies, the VCAL and school-based apprenticeships and traineeshiThe publication also features first-hand accounts from students who undertook senior secondary schooling in 2016.


  • Yarra Junction Police
  • Yarra Glen Police
  • Youth Support Service (YSS)
  • Youth Support Service supports young people and their families to address problems before they become too serious and adopts the approach of early intervention. YSS is a voluntary service which operates independently of the legal process to help young people and their families achieve their goals.

  • Youth Health Nurse
  • The Youth Health Clinic provides information, support and referrals for young people who require services relating to either their physical or mental health. Young people can access a specialised youth trained general practitioner or nurse through our service on Thursdays and alternating Wednesday’s.

  • Yarra Ranges Youth Counselling (Inspiro)
  • Generalist counselling for young people 12-25 and their families is now available through Inspiro.  To make an appointment contact Inspiro on 9738 8801 or at inspiro.org.au and ask to speak to an Intake counsellor. Areas that may be addressed by the counselling service may include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, mental health, family and relationship issues, bullying, body image, self harm, conflict, self-esteem, school based issues and difficulties relating to sexuality.

  • Youth and Family Programs with UnitingCare
  • Support in gaining life and living skills training to assist young people to live independently. The program provides links to education, employment and training.

    If you are homeless, at risk of homelessness or escaping family violence call 1800 825 955 (toll free, 24-hour support)

    Women and children experiencing family violence can call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188 (this number is not free from mobile phones. 24-hour support)

    If you need Alcohol and Drug services, call DirectLine on 1800 888 236 (toll free, 24-hour support)

  • Youth Support and Advocacy Service
  • YSAS is a leading youth health not-for-profit agency that enables highly vulnerable and high risk young people, or those at risk of becoming so, with substance dependence and misuse, mental illness and social disconnection to take control of their health and wellbeing.

  • Youth Resource Officer - Ringwood
  • Advice and assistance to young people, schools, parents and community organisations in relation to young people and the law. Education on safe partying, underage alcohol consumption, parental education sessions on youth related topics.

  • Youth Resource Officer - Lilydale
  • Advice and assistance to young people, schools, parents and community organisations in relation to young people and the law. Education on safe partying, underage alcohol consumption, parental education sessions on youth related topics.

  • Yarra Valley Psychology
  • Offer a range of psychotherapy service, counselling and psychological assessments.

  • Youth Development Services
  • Youth case management works together with young people and young parents towards a sustainable housing outcome within a holistic framework

  • Youth disability advocacy service
  • Works with young people 12-25 years with disabilities to raise awareness of their rights and to support them to achieve what they want.

  • Youthlaw
  • Specialist community legal centre for young people

  • Youth Week Maroondah
  • Youth Week is a 10 day celebration of young people, their achievements and the diversity they bring to our community. Each year Maroondah City Council Youth Services hosts a National Youth Week celebration, the details of which are planned by young people. Youth Week runs in April each year. Check www.maroondahyouth.com.au closer to the date to see what's happening.

  • Youth Holiday Program
  • Yarra Ranges Youth deliver holiday programs four times per year offering a wide range of activities within each term break.

    Past programs have included high ropes, paintball, laser tag, bubble soccer, surfing, skim boarding, go karting, live TV audiences, pottery, jewelry making, gaming comps and terrarium building just to name a few! Skate, music and culutural events are also featured in the programming as well throughout the year.

    All activities are subsidised and open for young people aged 1217 who live, work or study in the Yarra Ranges. Spots are limited and vailable on a first-in-first served basis via booking over the phone or in person at a Council community link.

    All activites are staffed by council youth workers, first aide is provided by the team or other providers where appropriate, food is generally not provided unless specified. Free transport is supplied by Council and availble from selected area's for young people to attend who live in remote or isaoletd area's. (eg. Yarra Junction, Healesville, Upwey)

  • YMCA Australia
  • YMCA provides accommodation, aquatics, camping and outdoor education, children services, health and wellness, sport and community recreation, youth services

  • Youth Support Services
  • Maroondah City Council Youth Services offers a free Youth Support Service to individual young people aged 10-25 years and their families. Young people and families are welcome and encouraged to contact us for information, assistance or support on any topic relevant to young people. In some cases, information or support is better provided by a specialist service - in these cases, we can assist the young person or family member to find the service/s that best suit their needs and support any referrals to the service. We can provide individual support to a young person by phone, email, online or in person as needed by appointment. Simply contact us and we can work out what would best suit you.

  • Young Parents Group
  • A structured peer support program for young parents with a baby under twelve months.

  • Young Men's Leadership Group
  • Young Men's leadership group for 13-24 year old men with indigenous background
    Starts Feb 12th 2019, 4-6pm 

  • Young Women's Leadership Group
  • Young Women's leadership group for 13-24 year old women with indigenous backgrounds.

    Starts Feb 12th 2019, 4.30-6pm

  • Youth Settlement
  • Assistance with settlement for newly arrived refuges and migrants. Egg; support with housing, looking for jobs, education.

  • Youth Justice Community Support Service (YJCSS)
  • Improving pathways, linkages to community and providing supported accommodation options for young adults aged 17-24 years who are exiting from the Youth Justice system.

  • Youth Clinic
  • The Youth Clinic is a free, friendly and confidential health service for young people aged 12 to 25 years. Young people can see a nurse or doctor about a broad range of health related issues, including general health concerns, sexual health, feeling down or anxious or just not feeling good. We would recommend making an appointment but you can drop in and see the nurse (and doctor if clinic isn't too busy). If possible, please bring medicare card.

  • Young Carers Program - Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre
  • The Young Carer Program aims to support young carers to balance their caring role with school and with life. A young carer is defined as a young person aged 25 years or under who has a caring role for a family member or a friend who has a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, alcohol or other substance dependency or are frail aged.   

    The Young Carer Program targets young people who are completing their primary or secondary education or vocational equivalent. The young person can be in a primary or secondary carer but must be providing regular, significant and sustained care and assistance on an ongoing basis or likely to be ongoing for at least 6 months.

    There are 3 parts to the Young Carer Program including:-

    •           Emergency and Short Term Respite (time out from their caring role) - requests go through Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre Intake and encompass both tradition styled respite and access to a wide range of other age specific options for time away from their caring role or support with education.

    •           Carer Support - The young carer is allocated a Young Carer Worker to provide short term one on one support that is tailored to the young person’s current individual needs and circumstances.   The Young Carer Worker will engage with the young carer to provide individualised support including planning, referral to respite and other services, as well as provision of information and supports to enable them to successfully complete their schooling.

    •           Activities and Camps which provide time out from the caring role and opportunities to connect with other young carers.
  • Yarra Ranges Maternal and Child Health
  • The Maternal and Child Health program provides growth and development assessment, health promotion, health intervention and parent education for all families with children aged 0-6 years.  With twenty three centres operating, at twenty different locations, the program operates thfought all areas of the municipality.

    At the centre of our practice is engagement at these key visits and includes our new parent groups and programs that offer support to parents in understanding the transition to parenthood and the important role they play in the health and development of their children.

  • Youth Central
  • Youth Central is the Victorian Government's website for people aged from 12 to 25. It's the place to go for information about jobs and careers, services and events in your local area, study, travel, money and more.

    We also publish interviews, reviews, competition listings and regular news about what's going on and ways you can put your talents to the test.

    Articles on Youth Central are written by a team of young writers who sign up to get trained how to write for the web, and are then unleashed to bring back their unique take on the happenings in this almost-triangular state of Victoria.

  • YoDAA
  • Youth Drugs And Alcohol Advice- YoDAA is Victoria's Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice service. YoDAA provides the simplest way to access information and support about youth AOD needs.

  • Young Leaders
  • The Reference Group informs and advise Yarra Ranges Youth and Yarra Ranges Council, to plan and deliver key youth initiatives, train members as peer leaders for Yarra Ranges Youth programs, as well as plan and deliver the annual Youth Leadership Celebration.

  • YMCA Camping Escapes
  • YMCA Camping Escapes provides accessible and inclusive supported camping opportunities for people with a disability. Our camps promote independent living skills, social connection and inclusion with the wider community. With each of our campsites offering different activities, no adventure will be the same as the last. You will enjoy everything from cooking programs to universally designed high ropes courses, archery, summertime water based activities, environmental programs, art and craft, and much, much more!


  • Youth Specialist Officer (Lilydale Police)




  • ACCESS Ministries
  • ADRA
  • Anchor
  • Anglicare
  • Annecto - The People Network
  • Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Activate Church
  • Action Centre
  • Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Adolescent Violence in the home
  • AMES
  • Advanced Personnel Management
  • Arrabri Lodge
  • Australian Youth Mentoring Network
  • Australian Government
  • About2Work


  • Belgrave South Community House
  • Berry Street
  • Benwerren Holiday Home for Women in Need
  • Bridge Builders Ltd
  • Better Place Australia
  • Box Hill Institute


  • Central Ringwood Community Centre
  • Centrelink
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS)
  • CityLife Community Care
  • Connections Unitingcare Croydon
  • CRS Australia
  • Cire Services Inc.
  • Child Protection Crisis Line
  • Care Connect
  • Centre for Multi Cultural Youth
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • Carers Connect
  • CanTeen
  • Croydon Community School
  • Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA)
  • Camcare Ashburton
  • Connections Uniting Care
  • Cire Services


  • Discovery Church Mt Evelyn
  • Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service
  • Directline
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Health
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
  • Department of Education and Training


  • EACH Social & Community Health
  • Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (ECASA)
  • Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC)
  • Eastern Drug & Alcohol Service (EDAS)
  • EMR Regional Family Violence Partnership
  • Eastern Health
  • Eastern Recreation and Leisure Service
  • Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local
  • Eating Disorders Helpline
  • Echo Australia Inc
  • Elizabeth Hoffman House Aboriginal Women's Services
  • Eastern Family Violence Partnership
  • Engagement Support Services
  • Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (PHN)


  • Family Relationship Centre - Ringwood
  • Foundation House
  • Fresh Theatre
  • Family Access Network - FAN
  • Fit 2 Drive Foundation


  • Gay and Lesbian Switchboard
  • Gatehouse Centre


  • headspace Knox
  • Healesville Living and Learning Centre
  • Healesville Interchurch Community Care Inc (HICCI)
  • Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association (HICSA)
  • Hope City Mission
  • Happy Being Yoga
  • Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association (HICSA)


  • Inspiro
  • Interchange Outer East


  • Knox Community Health Service
  • Kallista Community House
  • Knox City Council Youth Services
  • Knox Community Volunteers Inc
  • K.Y.M. (Victoria) Inc
  • Kids Help Line
  • Knox Infolink
  • Kids Hope Australia Ltd.


  • LinC Church Services Network
  • Lilydale Assist Inc.
  • LifeAssist
  • Lifeline
  • Lighthouse Foundation


  • Maroondah City Council Youth Services
  • Migrant Information Centre
  • Mission Australia Employment Solutions
  • Mountain District Learning Centre
  • Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place
  • Monbulk Care Network
  • Monbulk Christian Fellowship Inc
  • Mooroolbark Baptist Church
  • Mount Evelyn Counselling
  • Maroondah Addictions Recovery Project - MARP
  • Mountview Corner House
  • Men's helpline
  • Melbourne Citymission
  • Metro Access Knox
  • Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Maroondah Citizens Advice Bureau Inc
  • Mind Australia
  • Mount Evelyn Counselling


  • No To Violence
  • NerdSpace
  • Neami


  • Outer Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (OELLEN)
  • Open Family Australia
  • Onpsych


  • Project Rockit
  • Parentline


  • Redwood Community Centre
  • Relationships Australia Victoria
  • Reach Out
  • Reach
  • RYDA Road Safety Education Program
  • Reclink Australia


  • SalvoCare Eastern Employment Plus
  • Sarina Russo Job Access
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line
  • Suicide Helpline Victoria
  • Seville Community House
  • SalvoCare Eastern
  • Swinburne University of Technology- Swinburne Hub
  • safe steps Family Violence Response Centre
  • Simply Skateboarding
  • St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria Inc.


  • Temple Society
  • The Mustard Tree
  • Turning Point
  • The Babes Project Pregnancy + Early Parenting Support Centre
  • The Bridge Project
  • Teach the teacher
  • The Butterfly Foundation


  • Uniting Harrison


  • Victoria Police
  • Victoria Legal Aid
  • Victorian Tenants Union
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
  • Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority


  • Wesley Mission Victoria
  • Women's Health East
  • Women's Information Referral Exchange
  • Whole New World
  • Women's Legal Service
  • Working Arrangements Pty Ltd
  • Whitelion


  • Yarra Ranges Youth
  • Yarra Valley Community Health Service (YVCHS)
  • Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS)
  • Yarra Valley Psychology
  • Yooralla
  • Young People's Legal Rights Centre Inc.
  • YMCA Australia
  • Yarra Ranges Council
  • Youth Works